Get Involved

How Can You Get Involved and Help the River by Volunteering a Couple Hours of Your Time?

  • Periodically there are organized river cleanups held on specific stretches of the river. A few people volunteering a couple hours of their time can make a big difference. Check our calendar of events on the home page when the next cleanup become scheduled.
  • Consider 'adopting' a small stretch of river and help keep it clean on a regular basis. Definitely let us know if you are doing this so we can organize our manpower efficiently.
  • Be our eyes on the river. The next time you are out on the Farmington and see something that needs reporting, let us know via our contact form. Maybe it is a downed tree creating a hazard in the water or an area of trash that needs to be cleaned up.
  • Help with invasive plant control. Many non-native plant species are spreading quickly along the Farmington. If you want to get some good exercise and learn something from our resident plant biologist, contact us and we can let you know when the next opportunity to get involved will be.
  • Be part of a team and volunteer during the summer with our River Stewards.


Current Job Openings

We usually begin the hiring process for the summer program the first quarter of the new year. Our program runs from June through August, with most of the hours worked being on the weekends when the river is busiest. If you would like to apply to become a steward for 2019, please check back with us in March, where we will ask you to email us your resume and completed work application.

Non-college students can always volunteer with us - a great way to help your community and gain experience in the outdoor/conservation field. Please contact us to learn more.

DOWNLOAD A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION about the river and the steward program.