Climate Change

satans kingdom on the farmington river in low waterThe second half of 2016 was a drought period for most of CT - Shown here are low flows in Satan's Kingdom.

The climate has been changing around the world. Here in northwestern Connecticut, that statement holds true as well. The trend seems to be that weather and climate events, whatever they may be, are more of an extreme nature. Only a few years ago in New England, we experienced big storms and heavy flooding. Then in 2016, CT's first ever drought watch was issued. Reduced flows on the Farmington River were witnessed which had not been seen for many years.

There are climate change skeptics out there. One could possibly argue how much of the changes we are seeing are human caused, versus how much can be attributed to cyclical changes. However, no matter which side of the fence you are on regarding this issue, there is no denying that weather patterns being altered.

First, some people use 'climate' and 'weather' interchangeably. Even though they are closely related, the two words mean slightly different things. 'Climate' is the weather conditions in an area over a long period of time. 'Weather' is the state of the atmosphere (hot, cold, dry, wet, clear, cloudy, etc). Climate change affects our weather.

The rest of this page is a work in progress and focuses on the climate change we are seeing in Connecticut and how it can affect the Farmington River:

1. Climate change and weather trends -


2. Effects on the Farmington River -


3. How plants and wildlife are affected -