Cycling & Mountain Biking

Whether you are an experienced mountain biker or just want to enjoy a more leisurely ride, there is something for everyone around the Farmington River.

Cycling Around the Farmington River

The East and West River roads running parallel to the Farmington River between Pleasant Valley Center and Riverton make for a great loop. The length is approximately 9 miles. There are a couple of small hills, but the route is relatively flat all the way around. Since both roads parallel the river for almost the entire 9 miles, it is incredibly scenic.

Mountain Biking Around the Farmington River

Mountain bikes are allowed on the snowmobile trails in People's Forest (but not on any other blazed hiking trails). However, these trails are often muddy for much of the season and relatively challenging to bike on because of the terrain and rocks. A better option for mountain bikers is to venture to Nepaug State forest, the tip of which borders the Farmington along with Satan's Kingdom. Nepaug forest has everything from dirt roads for beginners to great singletrack and even ramps, jumps, and drops. Please note some of the ridings here is very advanced and should only be attempted by expert riders.

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Reminders & Tips for Cycling and Mountain Biking
Around the Farmington River

Be Courteous to Others

Be courteous to other bikers, hikers, and anyone exploring the river. Be sure to allow room for others on the paths and be aware of those in front of or behind you.

No Trash Left Behind

If you need to bring anything with you on your trip, be sure it leaves with you. Anything left behind can have profound effects on the environment. So use a backpack or even bring your own bag for trash, but make sure nothing is left in the woods or on the trails.

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