Hiking Around the
Farmington River

There are several areas to go for hikes and walks around the river. American Legion and People's State Forest are probably the most popular and contain various hikes, with great views over the surrounding river valley.Nepaug State Forest is not only for mountain biking but contains some good hiking as well. Lastly, the Greenwoods area of the Farmington River (turn off Rte 44 onto 181 and enter your first dirt road on the right) has some paths next to the river that are popular spots for birders.

Reminders & Tips for Hiking Around The Farmington River

Check Yourself for Ticks

Ticks sit on branches, leaves, and trees and wait for a host to brush up against them; they latch onto the host and look for a warm, hidden area to start feeding; they are prevalent in our area. Be sure to check yourself thoroughly when you return for any activity in the woods. A good tip is to spray your legs, ankles, and shoes with bug spray to deter them. If possible, treat your clothing with permethrin before leaving home.

Leave Animals Alone

Respect any wildlife you may see from a distance. Black bears do live in the area. We recommend following the ‘rule of thumb’ - if you cover the entire animal with your thumb, you are at a safe distance. This distance is usually 25 yards from the wildlife and 100 yards from large wildlife. If you are influencing the animals’ behavior, you are already too close.

Don't Bring Glass

Broken glass is hard to pick up and can easily cut you or someone else.

Carry Out What You Bring In

Many areas do not provide trash cans, so always be prepared to take anything you bring back with you.

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