The Steward Program

The Wild & Scenic Upper Farmington River is a special place. The River Stewards are here as ambassadors who intend to share it and protect it.

A Growing Presence

A part-time River Steward was hired in the fall of 2014 to provide summer management and year-round staff support. In the Summer of 2015, the program expanded to bring on paid and volunteer Assistant Stewards during the busy months of June through August. The River Steward Program is administered under the supervision of the FRCC and continues to grow each year.

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Our Mission

Through education and outreach, the steward team engages river users on the water, at local events, and online. Our mission is to spread a stewardship ethic on the Farmington River.  We aim to expand appreciation for the river environment, reduce litter, be a source of information, and help others share in the enjoyment and protection of the river.

Upcoming Programs
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