Protect the River

Each year, thousands of locals and visitors spend time enjoying the Upper Farmington River. We must take the time to care for this incredible resource. Various issues threaten the river’s future, and there are lots of ways to get involved and help us make a difference and ensure that the river can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Issues Facing the Farmington River

Take Action

Become a steward of the river! Every small and large action will have an impact on protecting the Farmington River. You can be a river steward among your group of friends by reminding them to bring trash bags with you for a day of tubing or reminding your family when preparing for a picnic not to bring any glass or other items that could harm the river.

Get Involved

Donate Your Time

Volunteer, attend a cleanup event, or invasive plant removal day and bring a friend or two. Your time and effort helps keep our river clean.

Events Calendar

Your Message

Help us spread the word! We want you to become a steward of The Farmington River using your voice and your channels to help us amplify the message of how important it is to conserve and care for the Farmington River and all of our natural resources.

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