Tubing on the Upper Farmington River‍

Can you go tubing on the Farmington River?
Yes! Lots of people safely enjoy tubing on the river every year. Read on to learn more about how to prepare for your tubing trip!

Can you tube the Farmington River on your own?
When you head out for an afternoon of tubing, you can use your own or rent one from the local tubing concessionaire in Satan's Kingdom. The Farmington River Tubing experience includes a tube and PFD (which you should always wear on the river) and arrangements for a shuttle back to their parking lot.

If you choose to tube on your own make sure to plan your routes and access points. Our Upper Farmington Water Trail Map has several access points detailed.

How long does it take to tube the Farmington River?
Depending on river levels, the float with Farmington River Tubing takes between 1.5 and 2 hours or even longer. Other routes will vary depending on where or how far you choose to go.
Please note, with less than 100 cfs the trip from Satan's Kingdom to the tubing take out is over 2 hours. See below for current water flow resources.

Reminders & Tips for Tubing on The Farmington River

Don't Bring Glass

Broken glass is hard to pick up and can easily cut you or someone else.

Carry Out What Your Bring In

Many areas do not provide trash cans, so always be prepared to take anything you bring back with you.

Take Safety Precautions

Wearing non-slip footwear is recommended. Cutting your feet or toes on things like glass or fish hooks is not uncommon. Rocks can be slippery and may cause falls and dangerous stuck feet in the current.  If you need to stand, make sure the water level is below your knees to provide the best protection from being pushed over by the water. Never stand up in quick-moving water.

Be Careful with What You Pack

Do not bring any items with you in the water that can end up in the river if you fall out of your tube.

Plan Your Exit

Do not trespass on private property when you leave the water. Creating new pathways or access to the river contributes to riverbank erosion.

Be Considerate

Many people like to enjoy various activities on the Farmington River, so please be considerate of everyone around you, including other tubers, anglers, kayakers, etc.

Leave Animals Alone

Respect any wildlife you may see from a distance. We recommend following the ‘rule of thumb’ when traveling along the river. If you can cover the entire animal with your thumb, you are at a safe distance from the animal. This distance is usually 25 yards from the wildlife and 100 yards from large wildlife. If you are influencing the animals’ behavior, you are already too close.

Water Flow

Optimum flow guidelines for tubing are 350 - 450 CFS: Here are links to three USGS gauges that you may find helpful in determining flows - Still River, Riverton, Unionville.

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