Picnicking on the
Farmington River

Where are the best spots to picnic on the Farmington River?
Matthies Grove
is located in Peoples State Forest in the Pleasant Valley section of Barkhamsted where you will find 200 year old white pine picnic groves. Matthies Grove has a pavilion that can be reserved for events, picnic tables, bathrooms, parking, a large field, and access to the river. It is a great place to picnic and relax by the river. Fun and educational programing is hosted at Matthies Grove, view calendar for upcoming events.

Whittemore Recreation Area, also in People's State Forest is a great place to picnic along the Farmington River, ideal for fishing, and has access to many hiking trails.

Callahan Park, is a small .75 acre lot located at the corner of Cottage St. and Reservoir Rd in New Hartford.  Amenities include tennis and basketball courts, swings and a picnic area. This park is an access point for boating, tubing and fishing too.

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Reminders & Tips for Picknicking Around The Farmington River

Check Yourself for Ticks

Ticks sit on branches, leaves, and trees and wait for a host to brush up against them; they latch onto the host and look for a warm, hidden area to start feeding; they are prevalent in our area. Be sure to check yourself thoroughly when you return for any activity in the woods. A good tip is to spray your legs, ankles, and shoes with bug spray to deter them. If possible, treat your clothing with permethrin before leaving home.

Leave Animals Alone

Leave Animals Alone Respect any wildlife you may see by keeping your distance. Black bears do live in Peoples State Forest. When it comes to wildlife, we recommend following the ‘rule of thumb: if, with your arm fully extended and one eye closed, you can cover the entire animal with your thumb, you are (generally) at a safe distance. If you can not, please back up. When your presence influences their behavior, you are too close. If you find yourself near any wildlife unexpectedly walk away at a normal pace.

Don't Bring Glass

Broken glass is hard to pick up and can easily cut you or someone else.

Carry Out What You Bring In

Many areas along the river do not provide trash cans . Always be prepared to carry out what you have carried in.  Thanks for helping us #LeaveNoTrace.

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